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Stand Design Concepts

Design’s to Amaze

Exhibition Stand Design Concepts from Quantum Exhibitions displaying a range of Bespoke Exhibition stand Design concepts, Exhibition Sketches and professional 3d renders.

The Sky is the limit with Quantum Exhibitions, we can take a small budget and 9 square meters and create something truly amazing to allow your brand or product to truly stand out an exhibition or trade show. Equally we can transform over 50 square meters and fill and design that space to incorporate all your trade show needs.

Firstly we like to understand as much information about your company and brand first, we then transform that valuable information into a bespoke Exhibition Stand design concepts, then you can see and highlight any desired changes. It’s an easy way for you to get the most out your event, without giving yourself a headache.

Our Design Team

Are qualified in all realms of design from Interior,  exterior and structural to name a few but utilise all these skills into exhibition stand design that encompasses all elements of design and structural awareness. We find that perfect balance of pure creativity, construction and budget. Here at Quantum our Stand Design Concepts are not just an spurt of creativity they are thought out blueprints for your next successful Exhibition.

We offer

A free no obligation 3D Render and sketch for any potential customers that are genuinely interested in using our services and we take a lot of care and effort into all the Stand design concepts we produce. Get in touch if your interested or please take a look at our selection of 3D stand design concepts below.

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