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Bespoke Shell Scheme

Looking to transform your Shell Scheme?

Quantum Exhibitions & Displays Ltd. specialises in Bespoke Exhibition Solutions.

We specialise in Bespoke Exhibition Stands, We install Shell Scheme’s  at any event, If one of our clients has booked a ‘space only’ plot at any given exhibition across the globe, we can come up with a solution, to transform that unbranded silver back drop to something striking.

Often you can’t customise Shell Scheme’s the way you would like to, the rules of placing anything on them or drilling into the walls can be quite strict or not allowed at all, so your only option is a free standing pop up display system, that can have your company logo, but doesn’t allow much more.

What if you have products, that need to be displayed in a classy, elegant way? What if you want AV to show demo’s on tablets or TV’s, seamlessly integrated into the stand?

What if you just want to have more of a presence at an event without going down the space only route? Some shows only offer the shell scheme option. so what do you do? …………..That’s where Quantum can help!

 We Design, We Manufacture, We Install & Dismantle your Custom Shell Scheme

Here at Quantum we usually refer to a bespoke or custom Shell scheme as a Shell scheme ‘lineout’. As that is exactly what we do. we don’t damage or touch the shell scheme in any way but build around the structure.

This option is ideal for a company that really wants to make a statement with a modest budget, or that exhibits multiple times, with only a small product range. If your interested in a tailored, bespoke Shell scheme at your next event, why not drop us a call on +44 (0) 1422 201696.

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Bespoke Shell Scheme for UK Greetings

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