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Exhibition Logistics

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Exhibition Logistics

The In’s & Out’s of Exhibition Logistics

Quantum Exhibitions specialise in everything to do with bespoke exhibition stands. From the design, to the build and installation, however there is still a part missing the logistics.

Exhibition logistics may seem like a simple thing, however imagine flat packing a house and contents and transporting 5000 miles. We design and build exhibitions around the world, and we need to take everything with us, from every screw, graphic, chair and light, it all comes with us and all comes back again, like a large ‘Meccano’ kit meticulously constructed and re-assembled.

Many people forget about exhibition logistics, and what many people find rather remarkable is that often the miles involved in transport are not  only factor involved in exhibition logistics. even if the company premises are 30 minutes away from the venue, the whole exhibition stand and all it’s components will need to be dismantled, catalogued and placed into a wagon, to be unloaded at the other end and re-created no, matter where the company is these logistical costs, will always be implemented.

Quantum Exhibitions pride themselves on delivering quality exhibition stands across the country, Europe, the globe in fact, and whether the trip is 3 hours down the M1 or travelling in a container, you can be certain it will be delivered in time.


Custom stand

Bespoke Exhibition Stand at Intertraffic 2016

Exhibition logistics are a vital part of the service we provide and, often an overlooked aspect of exhibitions as a whole, so always speak to an adviser about the most logical and economical way of delivering your stand at your event.

So if you’re looking for an exhibition stand, why not email us on info@quantumexhibitions.co.uk or contact us on +44 (0)1422 201696.







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