Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition Stand Design

Quantum Exhibitions have over 25 years experience in Exhibition Stand DesignExhibition stand design 1

Exhibition stand design allows the client to see concepts and prototypes of what the built Exhibition stand will look like. There are many Exhibition stand designers up an down in the country, and They all are masters of Auto Cad and 3DS Max. The problem is the correlation between the reality and imaginary.

The team here at Quantum see countless examples of floating soffits, pillars and walls with no support, intricate bespoke metal work. Amtico flooring for the store room; the list goes on! Our Exhibition stand design, is set in the realms of reality, we look at the clients budget, from this we ascertain, what we can design and what the client in essence can afford for the event. The same floor space could range from £7,000.00 to £100,000.00 depending of course of the specifications of the stand. That’s where our experience comes in handy!

“We know that all important question, if it will stand up!”

Our designers work hand in hand with our team of craftsmen, together we know what will work, what can be afforded, we now how to replace elements, we know how it gets made. We know that all important question, if it will stand up! There are many Exhibition stand design services out there that when creating concepts, focus only on the creative aspect.

We of course need this vital element, we need it to be visually striking, we want to create a presence at an event, we want you to stand out.

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With this said, they often have no concept of budget restraints, there needs to be a pragmatic approach, as well as creative when diving into the realm of exhibition stand design. Quantum offer a full turn key service, from In-house design, straight to the manufacturing department. The same Exhibition stand builders that manufacture in the workshop will be there, constructing it on site.

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